Monday, 22 July 2013

"Favorite Lippies for Summer"

Hello girls! How are you all doing?
When I started with makeup i was really afraid to try lipsticks as i thought it would never look good on me, so i just started off with the lightest pink lipbalms and well it worked out for a while but soon i started to eye those beautiful bright colored lipsticks on makeup counters and specifically Pink ones...My first lip product other than lipbalms was the Revlon lipbutter(Well I took them in the lipstick category but they are lipbutters) in Cupcake which is a really light pink color and I loved it. Then eventually I got sucked in the world of lipsticks and wanted to try more and more I own quite lot of them which are just pink or peachy shades yet because i'm still a bit afraid to rock a red lip!
I don't know why i had to share all that but still let's move on......

My favorite lippies for summer are:-
 (left)Rimmel lasting finish Kate Moss lipstick in No.16 AND (right) Revlon colorburst Lipbutter in Sorbet

Swatches-  Right rimmel lipstick and Left Revlon lipbutter 
So these beautiful colors are my favorite go to lipsticks in summer! The Rimmel lipstick is a peachy-pink color and has a great finish. It lasts for an hour which is a good lasting time i guess!
The next is the Revlon lipbutter in Sorbet. It was my first time trying a Darker pink shade and when i swatched it in the store i instantly said to myself i could be a bit more daring and try it out and this was one step further in the pink lipsticks collection! I can't say enough about the lipbutters, they are moisturizing ,give a glossy finish and are very well pigmented!

Well enough said for now! Tell me what are your favorite summer lippies?

I hope you guys like this post!
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