Thursday, 25 July 2013

"Hair Care Routine"- My dry and frizzy hair

Hello girls! How are you all doing?
Today I am talking about my hair care routine! My hair is really weird, it is oily on my roots but super dry and frizzy all the way down( i have long hair) so this what i do to control them-

 So let's start:-

  • Dove nourishing oil care shampoo and conditioner-  My hair is really dry and frizzy and this shampoo and conditioner works really well to tame the frizz and even adds a bit of shine to my hair! On top of that it smells AMAZING and the smell seriously lasts till the next wash and i wash my hair every other day. The conditioner is quite thick and really helps soften my hair.
  • Dove Nourishing oil care hair mask- I use this mask once in a week when i want to give my hair extra nourishment and care. I put it in my hair and leave it in for 15 minutes while i relax in the bath! This mask really helps my dry hair look smooth and shiny and it has the same smell as the shampoo and conditioner.
  • Dove Intensive care Night treatment- I also use this treatment once a week when i wash my hair at night. I take my hair out of the towel and put this in from the middle to the ends and sleep with it. It does not make my hair greasy at all and works really great. It softens my hair, adds shine and my hair look healthy and nice! It does not leave any residue on the pillows and does not weigh my hair down at all!
  • Pantene 24hour frizz fighter leave in treatment-  So the other days when i don't use the night treatment i use this. It also helps keep my frizzy hair in-control and doesn't weigh it down. I put it in when my hair is damp.
  • Pantene repair and protect serum-  When i first opened this product and put it in my hand it was like an oil and i was like omg this going to make my hair super oily but No it did not! This is supposed to put in the driest parts of your hair which in my case are my tips. My hair was just towel dried when i put it in and it just absorbed all of it and did not make it look oily at all! So this is why i love it so much and use it everytime i wash my hair.
  • John Frieda Luxurious Volume blow dry lotion-  First of all this is not a lotion it's a spray! I use this when i blow dry my hair. I spray it all over my roots as it's a root booster and it giver tons of volume to my flat roots!
  • John Frieda Frizz-Ease Glossing mist-  I spray it all over my hair when I am done styling it to add shine and to control the frizz.
  • Osis Flatliner serum-  My favourite heat protectant/serum when I straighten my hair. It keeps it straight till the next wash.
  • Loreal Elnette Satin hair spray-  I don't know what to say about this but let's just it's my all time favourite hair spray. It keeps my hair in place all day especially when i curl it.
I hope you like this post and comment down below if love these products too!

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